To order digital downloads for all featured events, send your requests using the contact form with the following information in the message box:

List Image Name(s)

List Size Required (Small, Medium, Large)

Type Of Use (Personal Use or Editorial Use)

You will receive an email once your order has been processed, which will include your invoice and e-transfer payment instructions.

You will be sent a second email containing a download link of your files, once your payment has been processed.

Size & Pricing Chart:

Sizes 1 Image
(Personal Use)
4 Images
(Personal Use)
1 Image
(Editorial Use)
4 Images
(Editorial Use
JPG file suitable for social media size A5 (up to 2mb)         $25 $78 $150 $225
Small TIFF file suitable for printing A5 @300dpi (up to 12mb)     $37 $104 $200 $280
Medium TIFF file suitable for printing A3 @300dpi  (up to 50mb)  $49 $131 $250 $335
Large TIFF file full resolution for large prints (up to 128mb)    $95 $186 $330 $445

(All images shot using the Canon R5 with 45mp sensor, the full resolution print size will depend on if image is cropped)